Lords of Olympus

Grade: Interlude Log following the Battle of the world tree of midgard

Grace speaking to Erichthonius (Charioteer to Zeus and her Brother) following the return to Olympus:

It started with Hades and the Lion of Olympus. I was a new idea, but ideas are not truly new. Some ideas dissipate but the wave they make across the skein of reality echoes back. For gods like my Mother and Zeus Baselius they are ideas who emerged from the great egg. The dance of Khaos and Phanes left these echoes fully formed as the tapestry of the multiverse formed. Though I have now touched the shores of three others.

I had taken to service for Aphrodite in Sparta in a reflection of the old world. Hercules brought her son to me. Her favor led me to a temple to my mother. There I guided the boys hand. A murder mystery that pointed blame to his father. We found a prince of dreams. Spiro is eager and as libidinous in his mantle as his mother is in hers. But he is spawn of a titan and those rendered madness and chaos. Daniel is of the line of the Primordial.

Did they notice how these things played out? The people under the hill lead us to the lands of Chaos? The prisoner released in chaos ::The guardian of the burning sands::

We found secrets of Poseidon, Hera, and Dionysis. A war to come. The tapestry of the fates showing in the people the future of the gods. The three sisters showed much. And I provided mystic to Spiro….the young hero coming into his own. And it came to Eris. All those years on my earth and all those wars. And I came to her to arrange a meeting of peace.

Eris wanted the events to play out. It is to her nature. And in the end it was to mine. The fall of Zeus and the rise of Dionysus. That prophecy to come. Fragments of a legend of life and Spiro brings life back to the world of the Egyptians who sheltered us during the wars against Typhon. His reward returned the favor of our old hospitality. And then Zeus ends up being killed by this war that unites the Children of the Otherworld, The Sons and Daughters of Heliopolis, and the gods who sit at the crown of the world tree.

The shadow of Eris tracing its veins through Daniel. Discord sewn into the lands of the Sacred river. He opened Erebus’s will to us and the hand of Discord moved with us as our actions are transforming multiverses.

Waves coalescing around me the oldness of the ideas that formed me are taking root. Our actions have saved two other realms. We are now bound to it. We splice ourselves into the events unfolding around Zeus and we become something else. Deities that transcend multiverses. Deities whose power expands beyond just one multiverse.

Hubris is our family motto brother. But the truth is Spiro and Daniel are writing this tale in their heroism. I do my work in the Depths where my mysteries shine.


RhysM RhysM

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